Natura Bissé Diamond White Serum

Natura Bissé Diamond White Serum

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A concentrated serum that corrects and prevents the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Through the use of peptides and other powerful ingredients the serum restores and evens out the skin’s complexion.

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Hyperpigmentation and age spots are some of the effects of extrinsic aging. Factors such as prolonged exposure to UV light can cause the skin to be discolored. Options for treating age spots and hyperpigmentation include laser treatments, topical bleaching agents, and natural remedies to lighten the skin. As the skin ages and the speed of cell turnover decreases scars are also harder to vanish. The Diamond White Serum by Natura Bissé is a treatment formulated to treat various forms of hyperpigmentation.

Natura Bissé describes the Diamond White Serum as a “triple-action” serum that targets the surface of the skin as well as the layers beneath where pigmentation occurs. Natura Bissé claims that the formula contains potent ingredients that are supposed improve the skin’s radiance and tone while controlling melanin production and brightening dark spots.

The company is said to use a groundbreaking bioengineered terapeptide as well as several powerful acides that are formulated to target the causes of discoloration. Product literature suggests that the ingredients will not only lighten the skin but exfoliate the surface, inhibit hyperigmentation, moisturize, and restore the skin’s complexion. The product claims to be effective in treating not only age spots but acne scars as well. In addition to glycolic acid, Melanoreductyl peptide, dioic acid, and maslinic acid, Natura Bisse´s formula includes Hydrogen peroxide to fade dark spots.

Natura Bissé recommends applying the Diamond White Serum daily and following up with the brand’s sunscreen for added protection.
The Diamond White Serum is part of the Diamond Collection by Natura Bissé. Although all of the brand’s ingredients are not listed on literature, product information suggests that the collection includes components such as Artemia Salina delivered through an innovative technology that stimulates the cells. The company claims the collection will protect the skin by inhibiting oxidative damage to the cells.

1.7 oz/ 50 ML

Ingredients: Maslinic, Dioic, Phytic, Glycolic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide

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